On Display

Xavier Gonzalez Elizondo

Artist Show Statement-

A Bakersfield native whose roots dive deep into the valley and its Mexican culture. Xavier Gonzalez Elizondo is a young painter who has translated his history and the history of hardship in California. He delves on many subjects but that of Machismo (the masculine figure). He says that the man represents his father and that his father represents the contrast between past generations and new. The past unable to accept the present and the present unable to forgive the past. With both sides missing in some ways and achieving in others, Machismo’s value is its ability to be unwavering and tenacious in the face of adversity, something this painter finds missing in himself. In great respect this show is a love letter to a past generation and a thank you for bringing us to where we are, without them who knows where we would be.


Xavier Gonzalez Elizondo is a Bakersfield artist that captures the Mexican figure (Machismo), a figure that he was exposed to in his time growing up in Bakersfield and McFarland. Xavier brings an untrained approach to his work that is raw and confident. Xavier bounces back and forth between his studio in McFarland and his secluded studio in the sequoia national forest, taking inspiration from both surroundings. Taking techniques from his background in backyard tattoos and street art. With growing body of work, Xavier’s style has yet to reach its climax and has many places to go.


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