The founders and staff at Bird Dog Arts all share a passion for promoting the arts and California Artists.


The Bird Dog Arts gallery cat.

One morning in September of 2021, Nick an Outlet security guard, said there was a black and white kitten up in a parking lot tree. After spying him on a low branch, Nick hoisted me up and the little guy came right to me probably relieved to be free from the threat of coyotes who roam the parking lots at night. He was anything but afraid of us and I took him back to the gallery to figure out my next move. It was suggested that I give the little sinker a bath and as he was fidgeting under the faucet, I said “Hey, be still Turkey” and it stuck as he did in all our hearts. Turkey is a permanent fixture and mascot for us, and people come from far and wide to see and check on him. He often gets crowds watching him through the window as he lounges among the art. Turkey lives at the gallery and sleeps in one of our three large back rooms with two litter boxes or as I often refer to it, his one-bedroom two-bath studio. He has had his shots and is neutered. Come in and say “hi” to this character who usually will greet you at the door first.
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David Gordon

Managing Partner

David Gordon is a third generation Kern County native with a bachelor’s in arts and applied design from San Diego State University and a master’s in landscape architecture from North Carolina State University. Besides twenty-five years of landscape design, Gordon has been the assistant director of the Bakersfield Museum of Art followed by seven years as the Executive Director of the Arts Council of Kern where he began the Kern County Plein Air Festival. Gordon’s specializes in local landscape paintings depicting the gritty that is the San Joaquin Valley often adding brightness and drama to his pieces. He lives in Bakersfield, CA with his husband, Robert of 24 years, and their four dogs, Eunice, Dougie, Rhonda, and Dexter.

Peter Edelmann


Married to a wonderful woman.

Father of four fantastic children and terrorized by two Newfie dogs, chickens, and horses.

Experience in being a Serial entrepreneur and owner operator of various businesses for over 30 years including current ownership in movie theaters, music venues, resort hospitality, a brewery, coffee Roaster, distillery, restaurant, culinary incubator, and Art Galleries.

As a partner in EB development, I have provided consulting services to various national developers over a 20-year period in retail/outlet development, including the Tejon Ranch Corporation.

Andrew G. Boyle


Andrew has extensive and long-standing relationships in the outlet industry, many spanning two generations, and he is known to employ inventive strategies in achieving the developer/owner’s goals while maintaining a win-win mentality with the tenant. Early in his career, Andrew directed the marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts for a national retail chain with over 140 locations. For over seven years, Andrew served as Chief Operating Officer for The Boyle Group, founded in 1988 by patriarch Gregory Boyle. Focusing primarily upon New Project Development, Andrew actively sought attractive entrepreneurial opportunities for the firm including third-party leasing, management and consulting possibilities, independent partnership prospects, and start-up retail, specialty or outlet developments. 

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