An art gallery in an outlet? We asked ourselves the same question, but after much thought settled on, yes. We felt the outlet environment and California artists would benefit from a boost in the creative market. That coupled with the availability of infrastructure and thousands of potential buyers traveling the I-5 hourly, it began to make perfect sense. Now to take the chance.

Bird Dog Arts (BDA) is a first of its kind art gallery situated at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley. Representing California visual artists, this nontraditional gallery space strives to make art collecting a mainstream opportunity that was once considered possible only for the wealthy. BDA believes the arts are a necessity of life and, as all other retail offerings, should be made accessible to a broader market of consumers.

BDA’s is a visual, tactile, and digital expression of arts and creative passions assembled from California’s artisan world. We strive to support established and upcoming artists and have an educational component serving both, the seasoned artist and the creatives just starting out

Interior Photo

Mission Statement

The mission of Bird Dog Arts (BDA) is to make California arts and artists available to a global consumer audience by including fine arts commerce into the traditional commercial shopping experience. Vision BDA will satisfy its mission through the continued development of an inclusive and innovative shopping experience that offers an array of artistic products…



The founders and staff at Bird Dog Arts all share a passion for promoting the arts and California Artists.


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