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Victor Lorenzo Gonzales

Born in Bakersfield CA in 1992, I earned my degree of Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at California State University of Bakersfield in 2016 and from there I went on to pursue a career in the art community both as an artist and a working member of the art community joining the incredible team at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. I have exhibited for the Metro Galleries’ Latination in 2015, 2016, and 2018 and even won the second-place prize during the 2015 opening reception.

My work consistently expresses interest in man’s structural differences in comparison to the female form. When I was young, I found myself always drawing and focusing on the physique of popular male characters, such as superheroes like Spiderman. While studying in college I became captivated by classical art and its beautiful renderings of the nude male. In my body of work, I strive to depict the male form in a nude manner so that the viewer will be exposed to the beauty of the musculature as a masterpiece while also capturing the masculinity and vulnerability of a man.

There are a few factors that excite me about rendering the body and one is that I look at the human body as a landscape that offers up a very intriguing challenge. The male figure specifically has a very pronounced musculature and varied surfaces. I also view light as practically its own subject in my work. My own technique at mastering the realism of an individual whether it be through drawing or painting is to focus on the light and the shadows it casts on the body because that is key to creating the depth, value, and shapes of the human figure.


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