On Display

Terry Tripp

Terry Tripp is a visual artist who works in painting, illustration, and photography. His most current work is in neo-expressionist paintings where he works in mixed media on canvas. He creates vibrantly colorful images of cartoony and disproportionate characters and scenes pulling from a 1980’s pop-culture palette inspired by his childhood, and he works the canvas with rough brush strokes as he freely transfers thoughts and images onto the canvas like a pencil in a personal sketchbook. Words, phrases, and sometimes even short poems are written, crossed out, and replaced in the paintings to create fractured narratives. Although his images may appear fun and playful, upon closer examination, they can reflect an uncanny underlying nature.

Tripp currently resides in Southern California where he makes art freely and teaches high school visual art. He graduated from California State University, Bakersfield with a BA in English and a BA in Psychology and earned an MA in Education from Point Loma Nazarene University and an MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University.



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