On Display

Quincey Grace

Artist Statement

My father was a citrus advisor and scientific researcher, and I grew up on our family’s walnut grove. But, unlike anyone else around me, I felt and saw mystical electrical energy emanate from the trees. It was overwhelming and deeply moving.

I didn’t want to talk about it.

I went to college and then taught young people how to work with words so they could go to college and get jobs.

When I moved into a carriage house in Claremont, California, I started seeing images moving past me on a conveyor belt, projected on the insides of my eyelids. The left end of this conveyor belt originated in Deep Space. The belt moved to the right and disappeared beyond my peripheral vision. On it were thousands of works of art I’d never seen before! Visuals on the inside of my own eyelids.

I wanted to create those images and colors. I didn’t have training in art. So I began painting and decoupaging wildly-colored furniture, wooden painter’s boxes, and large, empty picture frames. I made vibrantly-colored pastels drawings.

Then, I put my hands into clay. Making ceramics. Forming faces and figures. Making sculptures. Burning things in kilns, studying images on Pinterest for ideas, watching the phantom images inside my eyelids, peering at other artists’ work, photographing shadows on the sides of buildings, studying faces, and combining clay, fabric, beads, flowers…

I see, feel, learn, invent, combine, and make. I create in the midst of a locked-down pandemic so I don’t need to make art the correct way!

Welcome to my wacky world.


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