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Peter Buchan

Raised in the high desert of Winnemucca, Nevada, Peter G. Buchan was raised by parents who considered art as a core family value. Studying the masters, learning the classics in sculpting, drawing and painting were just as important as education and religion.

Though Buchan earned recognition in his teens as a prodigy and caught the eye of American Visual Artist Dale Nichols for his whimsical pen & ink drawings – which Nichols likened to the classical works of John Tenniel, and Gustave Dore – Buchan instead chose to pursue his musical ambition as a front man for a rock and roll band during his adult years. Despite this career detour from the visual arts, Buchan’s lifelong learning continued, as he never stopped studying or creating art.

Decades later, Buchan worked at the Long Beach Convention Center as a commercial industrial painter. Call it fate, chance or choice, the artist-turned-maintenance man was painting walls and ceilings with industrial, oil-based enamel paint when he discovered the wonderment of the paint. That is when Buchan began to experiment with the paint and pioneered the Chopstick Drip Painting method. This re-ignited his artistic passion and kick-started his career in mid-life as a “reemerging artist.”

Since then, the painter re-activated his visual arts career to participate in studio exhibits, juried fine art shows and international competitions (taking first place). He currently resides with his partner in the Sequoia National Forest.


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