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Morgan Vargas

Morgan Vargas (she/her) is a self-taught fiber artist that was born in Nebraska and raised in Southern California.

When Morgan was a teenager, her maternal grandmother inspired an interest in researching family history that continues to this day. That research, along with a study of religion, and an obsession with photography taught Morgan how to see and appreciate people as they are. It is in the messiness of our joys, beliefs, and heartaches that she finds the beauty of our humanity.

Morgan’s work in the ancient fiber arts is an extension of her desire to connect the past with the present. Her work explores themes of memory, mythology, and folkways. When Morgan sits down to weave or dye natural fibers, she is remembering and honoring all the hands that have gone through the same motions as hers. She tells the old forgotten stories.

Morgan currently resides in Bakersfield, CA, with her two kids, husband, and two cats. She received an honorable mention in the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s 2021 Visual Arts Festival. Morgan’s work is currently available at Bird Dog Arts. You can also visit her website, SassafrasFiberStudio.com.

Keep up to date with Morgan and her practice on Instagram at both @morganvargas.art and @sassafrasfiberstudio.


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