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Minami Marina

Currently based in Bakersfield, California. Minami Marina was born in Los Angeles. Where bus rides can land you near famous landmarks, busy city centers, sun soaked beaches, scattered parks and back home all in the same day. Her mother thought it important that Minami carry a sketchbook wherever she goes. A habit she still carries. Raised by a small knit immigrant family of artisans it was natural for her to love art from a young age.

From family to school teachings she amassed a learning for a wide range of art mediums. But her element is painting with acrylics. Many of her works were for her own private collection. Only, recently has she allowed new works of art for public viewing. Minami’s debut featured her collection “Life is a Carnival” in the summer of 2019. Depicting a series of skeletons as representations of life, to invoke a feeling, a mood, a moment. In each painting, in this ever growing collection, the symbolism is complemented by her color usage.

Her other works of different subjects often bring a sense of wonder. Her achievements include chalk art featured in the local newspaper shortly after she was invited to participate at the Bakersfield Museum of Art for the 2020 Dia de los Muertos exhibition. She managed to complete eight murals, ranging in various sizes, in the span of 2021. Her biggest being 126ft long. Then in 2022 Minami completed 31 painted enclosures for the California Living Museum (CALM), Reptile house facility in Bakersfield. Making CALM the holder of the single largest collection of landscape paintings by Minami Marina.

The artist’s works proudly showcase that if you could see her soul it would be covered in paint stains. Colorful and aglow.


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