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Melanie Hook Peterson


Inspired by nature — exploring textures, shapes, shimmer, and shine. Resplendent Resins (and Rings) showcase the beauty of the irregular, using a combination of resin pouring, clay work, and natural elements with metallic accents.


Hello, my name is Melanie and I’m the maker behind Resplendent | Rings and Resins. I have always been a crafty person (thanks to my mother for this!) and when I decided to make resin decorations for my wedding, I never realized what was possible using resin! I started making jewelry to provide myself with lightweight earrings that can be oversized and dramatic without the added weight of materials. As part of the process, I explored other lightweight materials that can be made to shimmer and shine. Each earring, or ring, is truly unique and one of a kind as I explore shapes and colors in various ways; no earring is made twice!


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