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Maureen Maki

Artist Maureen Maki lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. Her latest paintings are made entirely from paper, a technique she developed over the years. She is known for her bright energetic fine art collages that are nature-inspired abstract paintings.


I think of my paintings as alchemy – a magical process of transformation. Different elements come together on the canvas and combine to create something new. I make paintings out of collaged paper, using mainly fine art papers. Bright colors and textured patterns are my staples. All the work is abstract and inspired by nature. Organic shapes come together and create an energy that inspires joy and freedom. 

When you look at my paintings, you are looking into another world. It can be playful, meditative, or a striking portrayal of abstracted plant life. I have developed my own style over the years starting with painting, then printmaking, then mixed-media and on to my technique of painting with paper. My abstractions are the unique product of my history, materials and years of experience. By working steadily over the years, always experimenting, trying new techniques and making what I am inspired to create, I make fine art collage paintings. 

I want people to look at my work and feel the beauty of nature. I want them to join in the playfulness. The work is a reminder that as dark and difficult as our lives may become, there is goodness on the other side and we can make it through. The energy and the inspiration needed for art and for life itself is always there for you when you need it.


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