On Display

Lucia Guzman

Lucia Guzman is a mixed media artist who paints, works in photography, sculpture, design, illustration, printmaking, performance art, and videography. She was born in Delano, California but traveled a lot as a child to Jalisco, Mexico, therefore living out her childhood in both places. The exposure of these two different cultures throughout her life has a huge impact on the art she creates. 

 Many of her works challenge gender stereotypes because she has seen that culture, ethnicity, religion and social standards have made it difficult for individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin. Many of these things have rules about gender and describe how each gender is supposed to behave. So her work is meant to remind others that what matters is one’s own mental health and well being. She wants to remind others that It’s always most important to do what feels right to oneself. Everyone experiences social anxiety because they feel like they are being judged by others, but realistically everyone is too busy just trying to find out how to feel most comfortable in their own skin.


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