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Lisa & Scott Mayo

Dented Earth Pottery

Bakersfield based potters Lisa & Scott Mayo began their love of pottery while earning their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees at California State University Bakersfield. Lisa has taught art at the high school and junior high levels since 1996. Scott has worked in the civil engineering field since 1998.

They aspire to create pottery that is not only functional but often times whimsical. The ceramics medium is one that requires patience and experience with the ever-changing variables involved. Experimentation with the clay and firing process helps them to maintain fresh ideas and construction techniques.

For these two working in clay has been a meditative and incredibly humbling experience. The rewards they gain through working together in this challenging medium keep their passion for art and each other thriving. They hope to continue to be able to produce pieces that will touch others in the way that the clay has transformed themselves.


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