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Howard & Jacob Perez

Howard Perez

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Bakersfield Ca. Howard Perez is a self-taught artist creating textured artwork done in acrylic. Textured art has a whimsical feeling to it and has much texture that not only you can enjoy the look of it but enjoy the feeling of it. Being a conversation piece of art for your home. He is mostly known for his musical instruments paintings and abstract art.

Jacob Isaiah Perez

Born with the natural ability of art. He has been drawing since the age of 2 and is now a pre-teen following the footsteps of his father. His paintings are amazing pieces of artwork of his early beginnings of being a young artist. His small paintings of texturized guitars are done in acrylic and would be a beautiful conversational piece for those that love art. His love for playing the guitar has led him in creating these beautiful masterpieces.

Visit their Instagram page: lnstagram.com/drawoh74

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