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Emilie Parker

Since 2010 Emilie has been teaching ceramics. She started a pottery co-op community in Colorado. Now in California she is starting one again. Creating a community of artists is sharing the art-journey — a journey to personal evolution through creativity. 

She has studied art — not only in school but most everyday as well — painting the nude figure, painting in the style of Picasso and then Matisse and Van Gogh, drawing Celtic knots, sacred geometry, and every skill and technique possible in ceramics.  

With a BS in Graphic Design and Masters in Business from California State University LA, like so many artists, she has lived an artists-life by splitting her attention between art-making and everything else.

She sculpts Kings and Queens from her dreams representing all of us as our exalted-selves.  She sculpts green man in his many countenances — a being representing nature, growth and abundance. And just as often, she makes self-portraits, landscapes, cats and dragons, turtles and symbols from ancient cultures.  Friends and art-lovers feel spirit within her work.  

She’s raised two beautiful and creative daughters, who are now mother’s themselves — one an artist and the other a scientist.  Emilie grew up and also raised them in Southern California, in LA County, but after she spent a couple of decades in Washington DC and Colorado, she’s back and lives again in California.  She lives on a hill in Monrovia with her husband and her cat, surrounded by plants, wild life, and tons of ceramic sculpture.  


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