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Deidre Hathor

3Dimensional Abstract Artist/ Sculpurist/Muralist

Artist & Author, Certified Life Coach Deidre Hathor uses Three-Dimensional Intentional Art to uplift, encourage and inspire. Each piece is designed with a specific intent. Deidre uses recyclable objects, pictures and words to build a theme with intentions to literally inspire, no pun intended. 

Often you may find Eggshells, Crystals, various types of metals, and pieces of nature in her art. A sense of touch and color is the most common theme of her art. Deidre specifically designs her Art Pieces for the Visually Impaired. Think of Art made for “Sight and Touch”.  Her Art is a sensory experience that you can feel, “Literally and figuratively”.  Deidre also Specializes in creating “Orgonites” made with Crystals, metals and nature. The Epoxy Resin Statues lamps can displayed in any room or office.  

She has been creating and selling Art for over 20 years and is an Art teacher. Deidre assisted her Artist Boyfriend Brandon Thompson with the Bloom Mural and worked with him on the Harmony Wall both downtown Bakersfield. Among other Mural projects. 





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