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Cooie Grey

I really like the problem solving aspect of being an artist. I would say my approach to any creative endeavor is to create a dilemma for myself (it could be two elements that have to go together or an unusual shape or size piece) and then I set out to solve that dilemma. I love to play with the color, texture and shapes. I know that I’m done when I don’t see the problem anymore and it “fits” (like the pieces of a puzzle). The collecting of all the elements that make up a mosaic is a whole separate adventure I really enjoy also.


I have been making mosaics for the last 22 years and this is something I love. I teach mosaic classes in my studio and have taught at the Chico Art Center and local schools. I love to play with the color and shapes. It’s like fitting a puzzle together but with no set design to begin with.

I had been a wreath maker for 20 years. This grew out of my years in my horticulture and landscaping business. I enjoyed using the unusual textures and materials found in nature and putting them together in unique combinations.

The places I have sold my work over the past 30 years are:

  • Open Studio Tours- Chico
  • Miller Gallery – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The Gardener – Berkeley
  • Mendocino – Outdoor Living
  • Various stores in Stockton & Sacramento
  • Cottage Artisans Member – 13 years
  • Zucchini and Vine – Chico 16 years
  • Chico Art Center, Fir Street Gallery, October Art in Store Front downtown project thru City of Chico, San Francisco Flowers, Upper Crust, Made in Chico all in Chico, CA.




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