On Display

Christine McKee

Christine McKee resides in Carlsbad, California. She has a BA and MS in the biological sciences, as well as years of fine arts studies. Her early work was mostly figurative. She soon felt the need to paint in a more abstract manner in order to more clearly express herself on canvas. The thread that remains throughout, however, has been a feeling of a sense of movement and energy connecting all organisms on a deeper level. Her work has continuously evolved over time as she strives to bring her art to a higher level. The painting process begins with mark making in a loose, gestural fashion. She then starts to layer paint, sometimes adding collage, and continued mark making. Sandpaper is applied as a subtractive element to bring the layers back down, revealing the core of the painting. She continues, alternating between the different techniques, until the desired effect is achieved. Using acrylic and mixed media, some of her recent series brings together her science and art backgrounds, centering on environmental topics. An award winning artist, she has exhibited for over fifteen years in San Diego County, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Oregon, and New York. 


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