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Ben Young

Ben Young was born and raised in southern California. He started drawing when he was two years old and has always focused on creative pursuits. His studies have included several intensive workshops, participation at Watts Atelier of the Arts, and extensive research into different areas of focus. After learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting at Watts Atelier for three years as a student, Ben’s talent was recognized by the school’s founder and he was asked to join the talented team of faculty.

He originally discovered the Atelier to refine his education in Illustration, but, was soon exposed to fine art finding it to be a better fit for him.

Teaching at the Atelier has allowed him to work regularly from life, grounding his work in traditional principles and fundamentals.

A desire to experience nature led Ben to plein-air painting, each piece created onsite and in realtime. Ben  feels “Painting in plein-air helps to keep me honest, so I try to paint from life as much as possible.” That connection with nature is his main source of inspiration.

Ben often paints and draws a variety of subjects including landscapes, animals, portraits and the human figure. He has collected many awards and gained recognition for his skills over the years and is currently a Signature member of the prestigious Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.


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