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Anette Power

Award-winning artist Anette Power credits her mom, who also paints, and growing up on an island off the Swedish coast for providing a childhood full of creative exploration and a love for the outdoors. After immigrating to the U.S., Power spent more than a decade working in animation, fine-tuning her sense of light, color, and mood as a background painter for studios like Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Universal. Power now paints full-time and some favorite subject matters include light-filled scenes, classic cars, and ordinary moments. She maintains a working studio in Newbury Park, CA, and is an artist member of the California Art Club.

Artist Statement:

“Painting on location to capture what I see is a gift because it provides an opportunity to be very present. I also work in my studio in order to explore a more personal interpretation of what I see. Slowly searching to find that sweet spot between abstraction and realism. I love the draftsmanship and depth in realistic work, but I’m also drawn to the flatness and shapes found in abstraction. The process of art-making keeps me continuously challenged and excited to do more. I see my artwork as a love letter to living, and my record of what it means to be here.”

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