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Alex G

My passion for art first began with sketching then gradually moved to oil and acrylic. This led to new techniques and mediums to master. The body of my work is a mixture of many moods. These experiences within this creative realm have provided me with an outlet for emotional expression which has helped in many areas of life especially within my personal relationships.

This passion led to a great opportunity to work for the California Arts in Corrections Program as an instructor of acrylic painting to the incarcerated population in the central valley. Although I thought I inspired these individuals, it was I that has become the inspired. One would be surprised to know many of these individuals had not experienced painting and the therapeutic and awakening painting can be. With the many changes the COVID Pandemic brought, continuing teaching classes were stopped. This led me to explore other ways to keep creating Art and using art within our community to spread something more positive. I decided to donate my time to create murals free of charge to my community. It was a pleasure creating these murals and I look forward to working closer with my community by offering my services to wherever they are needed. 

“For some, art is a hobby, but it offers much more; when one is living a monotonous existence or at a board moment in life, this tool can serve many purposes from a pleasurable pastime to a rehabilitative tool. Adopt a hobby and apply a form of expressionism to your life, or just try something new; the possibilities are endless, and the personal gain is immeasurable!”


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