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Judy Neal

Solano County based artist Judy Neal is a painter primarily working in acrylic, creating images relating to the world around her. A native Californian raised in the Central Valley, she moved to rural Vacaville in 1998. A background in advertsing art and graphic design has given her a good compositional founda on. As a student in the arts at Solano College Fine Arts Department she discovered her talent for painting. Motivated by the richness of local history and the verve of the people who wish to preserve what constitutes ‘landscape’ her work has evolved where land is a constant underlying theme. With vibrant and energetic brush strokes and deliberate use of color she creates imagery that evokes sentiment, testimony and contemplative protest. Solo, invitational exhibits and awards include Pence Gallery Davis, Comstocks Magazine Sacramento, Dorothy Herger Gallery Solano College, Vacaville Museum, KVIE Art Auction Sacramento, Hallmark Inn UCDavis, Natsoulas Gallery Davis. North Bay Healthcare acquired her work Solano Jack. Her art has received numerous regional awards and is in private and public collections nationwide. Judy has served on the City of Vacaville Arts Advisory Commitiee and has held office on the Vacaville Art League board of directors.


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