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Marla Murbach:

I love color, my work has always been the expression of where my heart and mind are in the moment. My love for art started before I can remember, I always enjoyed painting and drawing still objects. I started to branch out to create my own style in my early 20’s participating in the Via Arte Festivals and really let myself free. My inspiration comes from my surroundings or where I’m yearning to be. The fluidity of my art allows me to get my hands dirty in the paint, move colors and breathe life into my paintings.


I earned my AA in Game Art at Full Sail University, and I am now in the final leg of my Bachelor’s program in Computer Animation. I hope to translate my art on canvas into the digital world.

1st runner up Mrs. Kern County 2021

As an Army wife, I know the importance of advocating for Veterans and the war on PTSD. I made it my personal mission to dig into community service and philanthropy work in Kern County.


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