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Jennifer Sampson

With a 25-year background in the theatre, Jennifer Sampson brings a unique aesthetic to her collage work. She directed and performed with theatres across the country, most notably, The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego where she was a graduate student. She was fortunate to work with several Tony award winning directors who influenced her future work as an actor, director, and collage artist. After settling in central California, she published a play and focused on directing shows in found spaces. In 2017, Jennifer was sidelined by a chronic illness and began to craft stories exclusively through the medium of collage. Her book, CUT IT OUT: Theatrical Set Collages, underwritten by the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection, is available on Amazon. Jennifer’s collage work has been exhibited by Vayo Collage Gallery in Rochester, New York and Clayhill Arts in Somerset, England. Her work has been in publications by the Edinburgh Collage Collective, Phototrouvee Magazine, and the Paris Collage Collective. She is the recipient of the Old Globe Theatre’s Craig Noel Award and the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s Marion Osborn Cunningham Award. She is a member of Actor’s Equity Association.

Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. As a former theatre director, I love the medium of collage because absolutely any materials can be used to make you laugh or break your heart. Each collage I create is meant to elicit a narrative and an emotional experience. All the world’s a stage and we need to continue to tell stories. 





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