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Issac Buaya

I started making art when I was 16. Initially I started making art to express how I felt. It gave me a way to experiment in general. I am a self- taught artist and use my intuition and emotions to create. Making perfect art does not interest me. I accept failure and am in constant search of coincidences and accidents. I express myself truthfully while creating something new. I tend to push myself out of comfortable areas to achieve the desired result. I use oil paint, ink, graphite, chalk, pastels, charcoal, acrylic and even some natural elements like coffee or tea. I will use what I have, to create and express myself. Art has helped me deal with depression and anxiety. Creating art is my therapy. My art is a constant reflection of my subconscious. I have been in a few small art shows in Bakersfield and have also participated in First Fridays. I sell my art on insta gram and now have my art in several different countries and throughout the United States. I had a small exhibit in the Kern Arts Council of Bakersfield in January of 2020. I have made connections with a mural group in Bakersfield called Creative Crossing and have collaborated on a few projects with them. I learned about networking from my business class and networking has helped sell my art, meet new artists, and make new opportunities.

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