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Christopher L. Cook

Contemporary artist Christopher L. Cook (CLCook) follows the enthusiasm of his inner child essence, exploring paint as a path of self-discovery. CLCook upholds that to lead a rich authentic life, one must cultivate their intrinsically creative nature.

In his own words, “I consider our mind-body-spirit to be an extension of nature’s creative energy and my practice is to connect with this source. The aim of my work is to polish my own perception, into one of personal depth and alignment with nature’s beauty. It brings me fulfillment to share this journey, knowing that my finished works may serve as a mirror of spiritual significance.”

As a teenager, with close friends, he led a subversive group of humanist guerrilla artists bringing poetry, theater, and visual arts to unsuspecting public spaces. These formative years and motivations shared by his young cohort, continue to play an integral part in Christopher’s artistic vision.

Pursuing an eagerness for psychology in college, CLCook picked up oil painting as merely an elective. However, recognizing deeper philosophical aspects of creative expression, a new dedication to art quickly overtook him.

In 2012, introduction to artist David Gallup through the California Art Club (CAC) led to years working closely as David’s apprentice, which has forever shaped his sense for color, design and harmony. This immersive education propelled Christopher’s artistic development and carried his artwork into respected museums.

Today Christopher is an emerging influencer, internationally collected artist, and leader of CAC’s Mentorship Program. Through public discourse, private coaching, and his oil paintings, CLCook shares a love of creative personal development. By way of diligent practice and his studies in creativity, CLCook contributes an innovative vision of love from which he believes the world can benefit.


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